Hiring & Recruiting for Tree Care Companies

How to stop wasting your TIME and MONEY with the wrong hires!

What you'll learn:

It's no surprise that hiring and recruiting is a pain-point for many business owners. Does finding qualified employees for your tree care company seem impossible? 

Don't worry - we've got you covered!

In this webinar, ArboRisk's founder, Eric Petersen, shares his years of experience working with the top tree care companies in the nation to guide you through hiring best practices and tips to take your recruiting strategy to the next level.

Together, we'll break down the major issues the industry is facing with hiring and recruiting and how you can implement our proven 4 step method to gather the tools that will ensure you never worry about finding new employees again.

Grab your spot for this insightful webinar - complete with a live Q&A at the end to answer all your burning questions!

Key topics we will cover:

- How to connect why you started your business with the types of employees you should hire.

- How to craft an effective hiring process based on our proven method that sets employees up for success and increases retention.

- How to become a champion recruiter and never stress about where to find your next qualified employee.

- How to develop a marketing plan that attracts prospective hires to your business.



Presented by


Eric Petersen

Eric is the founder of ArboRisk. As a forestry graduate of the University of Wisconsin - Steven's Point, his dedication to the industry led him to become active in the Wisconsin Arborist Association and even served as president. 

He believed the industry deserved better, and because of this he formed ArboRisk Insurance and Risk Management in 2012 with a mission of helping every arborist get home safe each night and have a job waiting for them in the morning. 

From working with the top tree care companies in the nation, he noticed a trend of similar pain-points that owners were dealing with in their business and launched ArboRisk Thrive Business Solutions in 2017 to help alleviate these pain-points.

Today, ArboRisk is helping Tree Care Companies across the country reach new heights!